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COTC Online News February 29, 2012

Leap Day – Quantum Leap
Adjustments Large & Small
“Cosmocracy – …our Pact and Covenant to Our Parent Creator”

Beloved Colleagues,

2012 has catapulted Mankind into uncharted waters. This is greatest shift in Consciousness that Humanity has ever experienced. Planet Earth all her Life forms, all her Systems, Solar and Galactic are Ascending Up the Spiral of Evolution. Now, we are collectively experiencing a Quantum Leap from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension of Being, an unprecedented exercise of Redemption and Restoration. This shift of time and space are moving at an exponentially accelerated pace.

February 29th 2012 – Leap Day – added to the 12 Month Calendar year, every four years, is a good day to reflect on the Greater Cycle of Adjustment now occurring. Adjustments having moved through the four worlds of Creation.

Mankind for Aeons was cut off from the Divine Blueprint of Creation due to poor judgment of Beings of Higher Orders. Overcontrol Mechanisms, beyond human control made it impossible for Humanity to live in peace. These distortions of the Divine short circuited communication, siphoned human God Essence, and have been amplified by human free will choice. The illusion of separation, duality, pain, suffering of Humanity and all Life evolving on this planet, repeated patterns within recorded History are no longer of value to our Collective Evolution. Through the Redemptive Programs of the Office Of The Christ, those handicaps has been removed, karmic debt paid, adjusted in preparation of what is now taking place.

Human free will choice, to run old patterns, or to act from the Heart in faith, is the key to adjusting the intensity of the purifications now taking place.

Today, NOW, what are we choosing? To run old patterns or follow the inspirations of the Heart. Under-reported in the media, commissioned Individuals are finding the ways and means to create Heaven on Earth.

Lifestream Representatives in the Form.

Recognize that every “seemingly negative” situation has a message within the circumstance, the “obstacle” will take you, if engaged from the perspective of whom you are, who you represent, through a threshold, into a Higher Ordering. Ultimately, the me becomes the WE, a stepping stone for our Collective Transfiguration. In moments of distress, as difficult as it is to embrace difficult circumstances, hardship, find within you the strength to accept the challenge, without knowing the reason, but trusting the universe is counting on you, for whom you are and who you represent, to endure, pass through, overcome, release it, heal it, and seal it, in all planes and dimensions, in all space and time.

That exercise of free will, transporting the circumstance beyond me to WE, choosing use of our God Essence to amplify our Collective Work and Service makes a huge difference. You become the Adjustor not the adjusted. You assist, give your God Essence to “Cosmocracy – “.. our Pact and Covenant to Our Parent Creator to fulfill the cause – effect of Man’s Destiny.”

COUNTERPARTS – “…aspects of our Greater Beingness or Christ OverSelf; the Angelic Host supporting the Divine Plan, working with us in this Dimension and in other Mansion Worlds where much inner-plane work is carried out.”

Understanding often comes after the “leap of faith” or emergence from the “dark night of the soul/soul group.” Our Parent Creator Source always has our best interest at heart. We have the power to surrender to the moment, to choose to be patient, to allow the hidden gift to unfold before us, “…to be the instrument in which to serve the one Living God who has placed a trust in us.” It is the complete surrender to the Universe, Divine Will, that opens us more fully to our Divinity, Divine Path within the Greater Picture and Plan.

Desire to Receive for Self alone is a distraction to what we promised to do Collectively, as Associate Ministers, as the Priesthood of Melchizedek. Focused personally on our circumstances, from below the weave, we get in our own way, if we act or react, with fear, worry, concern, or looking back or wishing things could be different. Wanting to get through it, to “feel better” truncates our consciousness and authority, rather than bringing infusion of Divine Intervention into the situation, through Decreeing Divine Right Order®, activating, knowing that transformation and transfiguration will automatically occur. Collectively we agreed to do this for ourselves, our LifeStreams, for the Whole of Creation, “democratically healing and sealing all planes and dimensions into one unified body of Light – Cosmocracy”

Everyone has free will choice, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Each person must do their part, but each of us for whom we represent, can widen the path, remove obstacles within consciousness, brighten and amplify the best choice, and it does become easier to see, understand and embrace. Your life and living, being the example as our Beloved Brother Jesus shared, are amplified and make a much greater difference than the effort of the one individual choosing. Free Will choice is the Key, some human being must “ask and you will receive.” Divine Intervention through Divine Law is only activated through our request for assistance, our Decree of Divine Right Order®.

“For wherever two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am there among them.” Matthew 18:20 Holy Bible, Lamsa translation.

By conscious Alignment with our Divine Commissions, Divine Counterparts, collectively “…two or three are gathered together… ” our Human Family, Earthly activities in thought, word, deed, activate the amplification of our work/service beyond what we may imagine. The outcome is far beyond the sum of the parts. It doesn’t even require that we be consciously aware of the others that are guiding, supporting, amplifying our actions. This is however the time to get it right, complete the work started long ago and recognize that we are all to be conscious of our thoughts, words and deeds, because the truth is, we are co-creating our reality. Our Father/Mother God has sent legions of Whole Light Beings, Angelic Hosts, Heavenly Legions to guide and assist us as mankind is perfected and bring our collective expression into 5th dimensional reality. Peace on Earth, Goodwill to All men. Keep up the “Good Works.”

Since we are ONE with every man, woman, and child on Earth, URI – IRU, we have the ability to invoke assistance from the Divinity, Divine Overself of each one with the Heavenly Counterparts on their behalf. And when we do, the floodgates of Heaven open.

Everyone embodied on Earth at this critical time is here because we volunteered to assist with this unprecedented threshold in the Divine Plan, Omega – Alpha program. The Priesthood of Melchizedek has been prepared for this moment for a very long time, and we already have everything we need to succeed in our facet of the Divine Plan.


“Therefore, because God wanted more abundantly to show to the heirs of promise that his agreement was unchangeable, he sealed it by an oath.

Thus, by the promise and by the oath, both of which are unchangeable, and in neither of which could God lie, we find courage to hold fast to the hope that has been promised by him in whom we have taken refuge.

That promise is like an anchor to us; it upholds the soul so that it may not be shaken, and it penetrates beyond the veil of the temple; Therein Jesus has previously entered into the temple for our sakes, and become the High Priest for ever after the Order of Melchizedek.”

Hebrews quote is from: The Holy Bible From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts by George M. Lamsa: © 1957 by A. J. Holman Co.

Key 215, Verses 80-84: (page 317)  The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hurtak
Verse 80: “Thus, this Key of Enoch is a key to the sciences of the past, because only through the work of Melchizedek is it possible to properly decode and encode the time-pieces according to the revealed program of the present age, directed according to the sovereignty of YHWH.

Verse 81: “The Elect are ‘the people of the Plan,’ called by faith to YHWH before the foundation of this world and dedicated to the “faithful working out of God’s plan” in close cooperation with the heavenly hosts. The Hosts administer protection through the Order of Michael; build pyramids according to the Order of Enoch. As tools of transfiguration (hidden within the very topology of the earth); and liberate through the Order of Melchizedek.

Verse 82: Therefore, let it be known that the Order of Melchizedek will give witness to the Elect in the appointed areas of this planetary system. And we will learn a new calculation in terms of Light measures; the measures of all measures will be: YHWH Redeemeth and Delivereth!

Verse 83: Let the mountains shout for joy, and all the valleys cry aloud! Let the sunken seas and dry lands tell the wonders of the Eternal King! Let the rivers, and streams, and hills, praise the Lord! Let the heavenly principalities and powers rejoice in the breaking forth of the grids, as Man rejoins his heavenly family!

Verse 84: For this will be the time of Melchizedek and it will be the time of the bowing of our heads in reverence to the living Order of Light whose name is Melchizedek, forever!


“In that we recognize this Whole Planet Earth to be the Father’s Church and that each Christed Being is in themselves a complete Temple, a Home, a Tabernacle made unto the likeness of The Creator, a House of God, so therefore in coming together to move in like-mind each representative then becomes an individual living brick, a stone, in Church Of The Creator®. Each one adds their part by expanding and living through the Redemptive Body of the Christ Son, and progresses daily in the bringing forth into outer manifestation the Spiritual Gifts of Shekinah, Sacred Sciences, through the Feminine Principle and Priesthood. This is the Daughter’s offering in Regenesis to the Whole, through service and within the Divine Blueprint of the Father’s Plan, the Descending/Ascending Vehicle of Mankind – the Family.” Ecclesia Magna Charta, COTC Organization & Plan, published 1984 © TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family Of URI, Inc.

Keep Up The Good Works ! Take The Leap Today – Everyday – Be Who You Are, for yourself and Who you Represent!

In Oneness Of Service,

Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI

Ministerial Unit/TE-TA-MA

CoPresident COTC