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Christed Family of Ten

“Christed Family of Ten”

Ascending Descending Merkabah

Trinitized Light Vehicle of Mankind

Traveling Through All Planes & Dimensions, All Estates & Kingdoms

Collectively Creating “The People Of God”

“Let it be known that Our Scripture is Our Life, Our Living History dedicated to bringing forth through The Book Of Glories, the Church and Redemptive Body of The Christos, this living monument dedicated to life over death, through the ascending-descending Estates of Consciousness, through the Living Example by experience each unto the other, AMEN. The Great AMEN, the Living Word made Flesh through Our Parent Creator, by The Holy Breath of the Shekinah, Our Divine Mother, is manifesting on this Planet and its Systems in allowance and alignment of The Holy Trinity, The Many in One, The One in Many.” 1 (SIXTH )

“TE-TA-MA Represents The Family Unification of Mankind in all Aspects of the Whole…” 1 (ARTICLE 1, TE-TA-MA Sacred Mandate)

“Church Of The Creator® Supports The Family Unification of Mankind…Through The Priesthood Of Melchizedek We are One In The Body Of Jesus Christ.” 2 ( COTC Sacred Mandate )

“Church Of The Creator® having been established, recognized and witnessed, has fulfilled its obligation and Prophetic Cause to bring into Effect the New Order of All Things through the Dispensation of Divine Right Order.® As stated in Book of Revelation, The Holy Bible, by the Order of John, Our Beloved Brother Christ Jesus – Joshua – Yeshua – YesHuWaH, proclaims: “Establish a New Covenant, New Religion.”

This New Spiritual Understanding of Triune Energies of The Holy Trinity, The Holy Family, through Spiritual Memory Infusion, becomes the Whole Family, the Marriage of Heaven and Earth. The Bridegroom and Bride, whose incarnated offspring are their Seed, aligned within and through the Office Of The Christ, consciously chose to manifest their Divine Inheritance, the Age of Peace.

URI IRU TE TA MA RTM Infusion 225
This instrument of unification, therefore, is the avenue of example, bringing together as a functioning organization those individuals choosing and recognizing through Spiritual Guidance that they are to worship and serve Collectively as a Spiritual/Physical Family. It is a guideline of common understanding and agreement, uniting the parts to form the Whole.” 2 (Proclamation)

In the process of refashioning these imbalances, the righteous man is commanded to form a family, the family a community, the community a peoplehood, the peoplehood the order of Light.4 (Key 115:28)

“…’People of God collectively survive’; the people of God repair the universes; the People of God are known as The Great White Brotherhood. What does this mean? It means that the child of God does not survive independent of the spiritual family. The spiritual family is not only of one dimension, but includes many spiritual faces, many spiritual intelligences, and many spiritual consciousnesses which collectively bring the Father’s message of everlasting life to the many universes of new creation. The very message of resurrection unto everlasting life is brought to the physical creation by the actual appearance of Light Bodies working beyond Alpha-Omega in the repairing of the universes.” 4  (Key 116:1-2)

“The People of God are also to be seen in terms of the family structure operating in life throughout history, as well as the spiritual family being gathered from all the nations of the world. Within the family structure the People of God are able to survive because they contain the necessary autonomy to maintain creative balance in other worlds. The Family of God organized into basic units of ten will be taken as one vibratory structure that has learned to pray and resonate together, thereby activating those spiritual gifts that are absolutely necessary for progression into new planetary worlds where one family can seed a whole peoplehood of God. Their vibratory powers from the collective Messianic garment through: the healing powers of the Holy Spirit; the proper attunement of spiritual instruction; the spreading of wisdom given by the Holy Spirit so as to unite all wisdom traditions into the living Light…” 4 (Key 113:38-41)


“Consciousness attunement within and through the Office Of The Christ to that which is highest and for the greatest good of the Whole; a specific agreement as to time, place, action, activity, etc., agreed upon in support of unified action requiring conscious effort to fulfill by more than one individual.” (GRIDS of Consciousness Unification, Glossary © 1982 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc. )

“…where ten faithful beings are gathered together their unified energies of Light create the Merkabah vehicle which calls into their presence two spiritual guides. The spiritual guides take the family unit collectively into the next level of intelligence where they are instructed to serve the hierarchy of the Brotherhood of Light. Thus, there are gathered two Masters of Light who join with your family of ten to form the organic vehicle of Life. These Masters, serving the Office of the Christ, will be the leadership of each family sanctified in the vision of sharing their family unity together in new worlds of creation.” 4 (Key 115:40-41)

“We are to organize into families of ten; and as we are organized into groups of ten believers, we shall be given two Ophanim, two seraphim, or two B’nai Elohim energies of Light who will take us into a spectrum vehicle to cross our light spectrum into the higher dimensions of creation. The Beings of Light who serve YHWH will establish academies for future science as bases for scientific training in Metatron’s name; they will establish academies of Light as bases for spiritual education in Maitreya’s name and they will establish Melchizedek life stations as Bases for galactic unity and regency of the Office of the Christ upon the Earth in Jesus’s name. They will govern through the Messiah, the Christos Body of Light Redemption which is given to all of us to unite and work with the Star of David as our model for future government. For in order to partake in YHWH’s Kingdom Man must interconnect this pyramidal life station with the Jerusalem Command. This allows him to work with the Mid-Way stations, to partake in galactic citizenship, and to live in harmony with all creations who serve the Eternal Father – YHWH.

Rejoice in the Holy Trinity of Light, for only then will the family of God upon this Earth be joined by the Brotherhood of Melchizedek to reign upon the entirety of the planet in the Name of YHWH.” 4 (Key 217:28-29, 33)

What is a Church/Congregation of God? ”The family of god as a family of souls manifesting the Love and active Spiritual Gifts of the Godhead. The family of “Christed Light Workers” who have risen above the theologies of Man to unite the “spiritual tribes of Israel” as the temple of the Holy Spirit Shekinah (I Cor. 3:16) in this world and the Temple for YHWH in the higher worlds.’ (Heb. 12:22)” 2 (Glossary)

Cosmic Christ Consciousness

“A joining through Soul Level agreement of those personalities who have released the individual I AM growth pattern, into the COLLECTIVE I of GROUP UNITY; living in the Group Aspect of the Christ Body; going beyond personal-soul expansion and joining in GROUP to create a synergism of combined spiritual evolvement within and through the OFFICE OF THE CHRIST.” (GRIDS of Consciousness Unification, Glossary © 1982 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc. )

Melchizedek Communities of Light – “The elect of the Order of Melchizedek are Sons of Light who have chosen to come into the world of form and manifest the sovereignty of YHWH in transmuting the earth. They work in implementing the truths of God and, occasionally, even show themselves as a visible Order administering to man through the Merkabah, so that the architectronic models in the heavens can be built on the earth as signposts to the many levels of universal creation. The Melchizedek order is after the Order of the Son of God. It governs the quadrants of the planetary worlds where the Adamic seed has been transplanted, administering spiritual things to these worlds. It holds the keys to the opening of the heavens with respect to the contact areas on the earth, and has the ability to commune with the celestial communities of the Brotherhoods of Light…” (Keys – Glossary) 4

The conceptualizations, quotations, relative the “Family of Ten” are from two independent sources, encoded, anchored within similar time/space.  Both are manifestation of coordinated planning through Michael, Metatron and Melchizedek. The references here, sequence, are to emphasize the importance of Collective Service, Trinitized Vehicles Aligned to the Holy Trinity, Divine Deity.

The Command Bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise, Next Generation, offers a potent analogy.  The “Collective Vehicle” operates most efficiently, effectively, when each of the stations, is operated by an experienced, individual.  At the same time the operators, those within the vehicle, no matter how experienced, need to be familiar with, benefit by the design drawings, owners manual, star maps, specifications, sensors, systems within the “Collective Vehicle.” The equality of everyone aboard, is inclusive, respected. In addition to those on duty, operating the Command Bridge, everyone aboard counts. All input is important, intuition, insights, knowledge, dreams, respected, seen as relevant to the Whole. The Collective effort, commitment, dedication, support is unified when decisions are made, the course set.

Jesus did not manifest, or operate alone. Some of the Spiritually Commissioned Cast entered the human body earlier, to prepare the way for those arriving later. Some were support characters, some closer to the central figure of the Son Program. The Collective Vehicle was further demonstrated at the Transfiguration. Jesus was one aspect of a Trinitized Vehicle with Moses and Elijah.  Multi-dimensional, Collective, Trinitized Vehicles of Light.

Collective Vehicle Operators and the Design/Build Team have unique complimentary perspectives. Both useful to new ‘Teams,” preparing to launch, operate, improve upon the prototypes, go where no single man can go, where Humanity has never gone before.

“TE-TA-MA Represents The Family Unification of Mankind In All Aspects Of The Whole…”

“Our Scripture is Our Life, Our Living History…”  as Representatives Of The Brotherhoods, “for who we are and who we represent,” anchoring, seeding within human expressions, the knowledge given, encoded, as set forth above within Trinitized Collective Vehicles.

As a reference point, 1969 was the timing on the part of the feminine vehicle to enter into a Process of Receivership, New Birth, releasing rebirth, being given that choice, through witness, within and through the Office Of The Christ. Since that time the process continues, in the balancing of all estates of consciousness, in preparation for the outpouring of the Gifts of the Divine Mother Essence, Holy Spirit Shekinah.  Quoted from within the records of TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc., one reference, one example, a pivotal point relative “Christed Families Of Ten,” is of significance. 5

Consciously Lived, Anchored, Seeded, Infused, through a “Christed Family Of Ten.”   September 1979 – June 1983, Prospect, Oregon

“Crida-dael – the beautiful name given to this Sacred Place, comes from an Old English root word meaning – The Believer’s Valley. This brings into outer manifestation that alignment of those grids and the Divine Matrix of The Holy Grail, in preparation for the Shekinah Universe and the outpouring of The Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

As a conscious material link between this dimension and the fifth plane Mansion Worlds, and in specific alignment with the Sacred Energy Grids of Consciousness, A MELCHIZEDEK COMMUNITY OF LIGHT is now manifest.

Michael’s Elect, those Pastoral Pastors and others within this organization choosing to perform their service as a synergism, are living together, in LIKE-MIND-MOVEMENT, having released all personal aspects of their lives. This living expression in the vibratory rate of GROUP UNITY in All-thoughts, All-things moves together as One Consciousness Body, while preparing the ground for the trans-dimensional upliftment of the Body of Mankind, and the concurrent externalization of The Great White Brotherhood, within the Office Of The Christ.

This MELCHIZEDEK COMMUNITY OF LIGHT has manifest through the effort and total dedication of those within the Functioning Body of this organization, and serves as the Physical Material Foundation Stone.

This Ministerial Sanctum functions as a protected expression within the Body of TE-TA-MA, serving as that place through which, by example, the vibration of the Living Word Made Flesh emanates to all Human Consciousness and affects and uplifts All Living Expressions. It is a place where that which has so long been preached is practiced, consciously, continually, harmoniously, by all present, a place reached only through inner guidance and witnessed by outer invitation.

This MELCHIZEDEK COMMUNITY OF LIGHT serves as an oasis to those Emissaries who work in the field, responding to that inner urging to go where the Light is needed, serving as those Shepherds to the Father’s Flock. It is their place to come home to, when they need rest, regen-esis and recognition, a quiet place, a receptive place, an allowance to be All Things, to experience the Grace of Their Being.

This special community is now established in Crida-dael as a Divine Vehicle and Prototype, guided by the Principles of and externalizing on Earth, The Order of Melchizedek, bringing forth through the Unified Family of God, the UNITED ESTATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS, manifesting the Perfection of the COSMIC CHRIST, AMEN – AMEN –AMEN.” 6


“Co-joint Democratic Healing and Sealing the Planes and Dimensions into a Unified Body. Cosmological Democracy; an integral planning in coordination within the Brotherhoods, step by step locking in process. The counterpart in the Electro-Magnetic Shield surrounding us in our many Universes. Externalizing the COMMUNITIES OF LIGHT by the ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK in attunement, accordance, and principle of PHASE 2 by the FEDERATION and GALACTIC COUNCILS in our Pact and Covenant to Our Parent Creator to fulfill the cause-effect of Man’s Destiny.” (GRIDS of Consciousness Unification, Glossary © 1982 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc. )


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