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COTC Associate Ministers

Associate Ministers are those choosing, commissioned and witnessed:

To be the Instruments to Mandate and infuse the Higher Truths to this Humanity, to bring forth into manifest state the Sacred Sciences of the Holy Spirit Shekinah – AMEN – AMEN; and in proclaiming these truths shall HERALD, AFFIRM, TEACH, and SANCTIFY in preparation and Celebration of that which is descending unto and through the Redemptive Vehicle of the Bestowal Son Jesus, the Office Of The Christ.”

Ecclesia Magna Charta – Article IX Ministerial Positions, Section 4, © 1984 All Rights Reserved

Individuals choosing, being chosen, to walk the COTC Path may become a Candidate for Ordination, Commissioned, Ordained, within the Ministerial Position, COTC Associate Minister.  It is a spiritual calling, commitment to live a Collective Covenant & Pact as the People of Light, the True Israel, demonstrating by example the Principles and Practices of the Church.

Completion of the process as a Candidate, is Celebrated through Ordination,  COTC Associate Minister, Anointing by the Holy Spirit. COTC Ministerial Credentials are issued and legally anchor in man’s law a Divine Commission, Professional License. 

COTC Associate Ministers live the promise, oath, hope, the Spiritual Understanding which upholds our Soul Commitment. Following the example of Jesus, “High Priest forever after, Order of Melchizedek, entered into the temple for our sakes, piercing the veil of separation, the commencement of the Marriage of Heaven and Earth.” The People of Light have consciously chosen Unification.

Overview of the Process, to become an Ordained COTC Associate Minister:

  • Self-Recognition – Calling to be of Service to God – Join Collective Amplification of individual effort
  • Review of Published Materials, including Organizational Structure, Purpose & Function of Church Of The Creator®
  • Submit Written Application, Self-Nomination to become a Candidate for Ordination
  • Demonstrate understanding of the Responsibility & Authority entrusted to the Ministerial Position, Office, COTC Associate MinisterWitness by a COTC Ordinating Minister, that the
  • Candidate is ready through physical preparation and on a Soul level
  • Ordination & Anointing
  • Issue of Credentials, Associate Minister Church Of The Creator®


When consciously embracing Ministry through Church Of The Creator®, by action, for whatever reason, to be Witnessed, Ordained, Anointed, is to enter into a Sacred Mandate, a Spiritual Contract to “..Support The Family Unification of Mankind.” Ordination automatically activates an accelerated process of Alignment within the consciously extablished Matrix, GRID, Collective Vehicles of Service anchored through TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation–Family Of URI®, Inc., within its expression Church Of The Creator.®  Therefore individual effort is amplified through multi-dimensional  GRIDS, in all aspects of  the work/service by individual Ministers, extending through Divine Law a “ripple effect” of change.  The amplification of effort, through faith, Trinitized Functions, are Aligned to the  Holy Trinity, Divine Deity, Our Parent Creator Source. Aligned in the NOW, within this time/space continuum, through free-will choice, to the “First Creational Thought Seed Atom.”

The Seed Atom is Divine Perfection, Divine Blueprint, constant Divine Evolution. Ordination activates a Transformation Process, letting go of anything no longer needed, no longer of value and allowing old patterns to fall away because they no longer serve us, Humanity Collectively. Thus, when we experience seeming chaos, confusion or separation, it is our Soul inviting us to let go of old habit patterns or paradigms which have brought us this far. Any such patterns, which are not of the higher vibratory levels assisting the process of Unification, will be disturbed,  vibrated, surface, so they may be seen, discerned and released. This allows us to become Whole, unique and Divine Expressions Of Being, who we truly are – Children of The One Living God.

The Ordination Process reveals that we are not working alone, as an individual. Rather, we are working through human experience, within the individual lifestream, DNA/RNA encoded memory membrane, for everyone we represent, the Soul Group, our Spiritual/Physical Family. The process will infuse within the Candidate, understanding of the reality that you are one and many, the many in ONE. You represent everyone who has your same first name, same middle name, same last name, same sex, same blood lineage, same soul group, same physical characteristics, same job title, same work experiences, same interaction with others, etc.

In choosing, we are chosen. In answering the call to Collective Service, understanding is revealed, how our Beloved Brother Jesus Christ could represent All of US, walking through physical death, overcoming and atoning karma, redeeming All, Humanity as a Whole. He was Commissioned, applying Divine Law: one can and does represent the Whole. Understanding that our effort is now amplified consciously through awareness of the fact that we can choose to apply the same Divine Law, Divine Principle, act for the Whole in all instances. Affirming in each circumstance of our lives and living, through Divine Right Order® for who we are and who we represent, consciousness is evolved. Through action, free-will choise, faith of the ONE, old patterns are released for who we represent, the Body healed, no one else must go through old negative patterns of the duality experience unless they so choose. Fifth Dimensional reality is automatically extended through the conscious effort, choice of the individual Minister to the Soul Group, Spiritual/Physical family.

Recognition of the Tapestry of COTC and TE-TA-MA will become discernable from within the Weft and Weave. The interconnection already exists, “In All Aspects Of The Whole,” becomes consciously manifest as each one representing a part of the Whole, lives “Collective MessiahShip.” We are truly One Body, the Christ Body. As such, whatever we do or say about one, we do or say about all. Each thought, word and deed affects all parts of the Body. Realization of the importance of your part, taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions accelerates transformation. As we embrace responsibility for perfecting our being – lower frequencies of light are released and The Body enhanced with Divinely inspired expressions of Unconditional Love. As we accept that we are a multi-dimensional representative throughout all planes and dimensions, we collectively “Support The Family Unification of Mankind”.

Through prayer, ask to be consciously connected, Aligned to the GRIDS – Goup Responsibility IDivine Structure, of COTC and TE-TA-MA. You will immediately become aware of the multitude of Heavenly Host Aligned within the vehicles of Collective Service supporting you. Recognizing the connection, brings strengthened awareness of the importance, effect of your choices, your part is vital, counts and our Heavenly Conterparts are dependant upon our free-will choise. Unconditional love, the rest of the Christ Body is you, when you choose to remain consciously connected.

Truth can be revealed as cosmic paradox, a decision on one level that reveals truth of a greater purpose in retrospection. Conscious mind motivation for entering Ministry within Church of the Creator® can be for many reasons, for example, to perform marriages, hands on healing, etc. The Initial Embrace answering the call, for whatever “reason” results in Ordination. On another level the action, may inspired from a more subtle prompting, an inner calling of the Heart to come Home, bring Home as a Living Expression into this Plane and Dimension, manifestation of Heaven On Earth.

Initial focus may benefit ourselves on the conscious level. Adjusting to the higher vibratory rate established within the GRIDS of COTC and TE-TA-MA, a larger picture often emerges, greater insight into the magnitude of the service we have all agreed to do together, as a Unified Family Of God. From chaos emerges a new You, new Birth, new Creation, New Order, New Heavens and a New Earth.

LifeStream Representative

“…… within COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS there are individuals, spiritually commissioned and chosen (by choosing) to represent specific Lifestreams and Soul Groups; these ones act consciously through human free-will choice, their efforts bring about consciousness evolution; some, through prior agreement, have embodied, taking on patterns that have originated within tile “black cube” energies of the Fallen Hierarchies, so that these distortions of God’s original Perfect Plan can be conscientiously turned around creating the space for a New Heaven to manifest on Earth; as imperfect patterns are released, the choice of these representatives opens avenues for greater soul recognition throughout this Planet, its systems, and the Whole of Human Consciousness is evolved. From COSMIC CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, these representatives clearly understand that patterns embraced, unnecessarily, over and over again are traps of consciousness bondage.” GRIDS Of Consciousness Unification ©1984.


COTC recommends to anyone desiring a better understanding of the Mission, Participation, Principles & Practices of the Church to consider the following process. The “individual” I am process, may be  “quickened,” accelerated by Collective Participation utilizing the Principles & Practices of the Church, defined within GRIDS of Consciousness Unification. COTC Circles Of Light,™ COTC Seminars,™ COTC National Conference Events are examples of Vehicles of Collective Participation accelerating experiential access to Truth:

  • Take each passage, article, section, document, word, graphic presentation as a Whole, or in the most elementary unit into prayer.
  • Within whatever method or discipline you use to seek truth, quieten the mind, open the Heart and ask for understanding, the Heart Knows, has access to Wisdom, Sophia.
  • Review the text/graphic again, use the mind to integrate the current understanding within human expressions, by use of the dictionary, internet search, to clarify , reconcile with what you received through prayer.
  • Search the internet for the concepts, phrases to see who, when, where the concepts are surfacing within the consciousness evolution of humanity, historically, currently.
  • Again, take the words/graphic into prayer/meditation, ask to integrate your understanding, within God’s Highest Truth, within your life, living, asking for assistance through affirming in all aspects, known and unknown, Divine Right Order.®
  • Be ready to receive what you have asked for.