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“Church Membership” is activated when an individual recognizes within themselves that they are a “Member” of Church Of The Creator.®

The Church already recognizes  “…all Thinking Thought Beings In Form” to be “…Members of the Body of the Church.”

Membership is self-evident, a God Given right, a foregone conclusion, knowing that the Creator made us all members, of one body. So within TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc, and Church Of The Creator®, “Church Membership” is a self-recognition, a claim, left to the conscious choice of the individual. To recognize oneself as a member requires no further action by the Church.

Anyone recognizing as Truth the Mission Statement:

Sacred Mandate

may “…Join in Principle and Witness…” Print the Document, take action, sign your name. 

Your action, free will choice, is a claim activating individual Membership within the Church, a contract, a Covenant & Pact with other Members of the Church and God. That self-recognition, in thought, word, deed of your signature is a legal anchor within man’s law, your “Membership.”

You may save the graphic image of the Sacred Mandate Certificate,   to your device Print the Sacred Mandate Certificate. Claim your part, speak the words, sign the Certificate, “Join in Principle and Witness” and legally anchor in man’s law, your Membership within Church Of The Creator.®  Frame the document, place it within your space as reminder of the promise and agreement made, Collective Service supporting the “…Family Unification Of Mankind.”

The principle, “ choosing, you are chosen.” is the same for all levels of Participation within the Church.

As activity, Authority, Responsibility, increase within the “Functioning Body”  to Ministerial Positions, Officers, representing the Church.  Additional preparation, study are required. The inner calling of the Heart, Soul Commitment, pre-Embodiment Spiritual Commissions must be anchored through effort, dedication and “Witness” by those Commissioned as Ordinating Ministers, and/or Councils of the Church. See COTC Associate Minister.


COTC recommends to anyone desiring a better understanding of the Mission, Participation, Principles & Practices of the Church to consider the following process. The “individual” I am process, may be  “quickened,” accelerated by Collective Participation utilizing the Principles & Practices of the Church, defined within GRIDS of Consciousness Unification. COTC Circles Of Light,™ COTC Seminars,™ COTC National Conference Events are examples of Vehicles of Collective Participation accelerating experiential access to Truth:

  • Take each passage, article, section, document, word, graphic presentation as a Whole, or in the most elementary unit into prayer.
  • Within whatever method or discipline you use to seek truth, quieten the mind, open the Heart and ask for understanding, the Heart Knows, has access to Wisdom, Sophia.
  • Review the text/graphic again, use the mind to integrate the current understanding within human expressions, by use of the dictionary, internet search, to clarify , reconcile with what you received through prayer.
  • Search the internet for the concepts, phrases to see who, when, where the concepts are surfacing within the consciousness evolution of humanity, historically, currently.
  • Again, take the words/graphic into prayer/meditation, ask to integrate your understanding, within God’s Highest Truth, within your life, living, asking for assistance through affirming in all aspects, known and unknown, Divine Right Order.®
  • Be ready to receive what you have asked for.