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COTC Online News  December 24, 2011

Celebrating The Christ Body

Amplified Trinitized Light

Family Unification Of Mankind

Dear Colleagues,

Within the cacophony of the “Christmas Season” messages’ broadcast throughout humanities’ collective consciousness there is a place of Peace, Prosperity, and Ministry, to recognize and Give Thanks.

The Whole of Humanity is receiving the Blessing of Transfiguration. Truth is double edged. To be pure, requires purification.

New Birth is NOW. “In our face,” mainstream news, are patterns no longer acceptable. Recognition, protest, resistance, change, evolution to perfection, is accelerating in every aspect of the Whole. The cause? Amplified Divine Light being Broadcast within and through the Christ Body, to the Whole of Humanity. You, the Ministers of the Church, Your life, Your living example, for who you are and who you represent are the mechanism of transmission. Through you, your family, the Spiritual/Physical Family is being supported, Unified.

Witness to NOW, the Divine Plan, from reliable sources:

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given: and the government will be upon his shoulder: and his name is called Wonderful Counsellor, The Mighty One, The Everlasting God, The Prince of Peace.” ISAIAH 9:6, Hebrews quote is from: The Holy Bible From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts by George M. Lamsa: © 1933 by A. J. Holman Co.

“Be hopeful in this physical dimension, for when you were thrown into confusion and affliction, you petitioned the Father to remove you from the confusion of not knowing your true identity. And now you will shine as the Light of Heaven. You will shine and you will be seen and the portals of heaven will be opened and you will see this come to pass while yet in the physical dimension. Be hopeful, and do not cast away your hope – for just as you have suffered, so you shall put on the Christ Body of Light, and be resurrected through all the lower heavens. You are to show forth the radiations of the Christ, being destined to reign with the hosts of the Heavens.” Key 319:14-16 THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE: THE KEYS OF ENOCH.

PRIESTHOOD OF MELCHIZEDEK: [Hebrews 6:17-20] “Therefore, because God wanted more abundantly to show to the heirs of promise that his agreement was unchangeable, he sealed it by an oath.

Thus, by the promise and by the oath, both of which are unchangeable, and in neither of which could God lie, we find courage to hold fast to the hope that has been promised by him in whom we have taken refuge.

That promise is like an anchor to us; it upholds the soul so that it may not be shaken, and it penetrates beyond the veil of the temple; Therein Jesus has previously entered into the temple for our sakes, and become the High Priest for ever after the Order of Melchizedek.”

Hebrews quote is from: The Holy Bible From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts by George M. Lamsa: © 1933 by A. J. Holman Co.

Road Signs pointing to NOW. As Ministers of the Church, you are aware, knowing your every thought, word and deed count as you experience life, circumstances, broadcasting by example, the Amplified Divine Light of the Christ Body.

Evidence to your collective consciousness, wisdom and example are within the Annual Reports of Ministerial Activity in 2011 arriving daily. Witness and recognition of our Collective Service. A few quotes, the Truth of Who We Are and Who We Represent:

Rev. Elaine Diakakis, Port Richey , FL 12-13-11

“…We are all going through massive ascension symptoms, the most prevalent is feeling spacey a lot of the time. That’s because we’re living in tow realities at the same time. Vision problems, feeling depressed, not to mention memory loss is still prevalent. The fact is as the Earth continues to go through a massive cleansing, we also are at this time. We have entered a new reality since 11-11-11. As always, everything is in DIVINE RIGHT ORDER®!…”

Rev. Liliana S. Finocchiaro, Bay Harbor Islands , FL 11-28-2011

“…..Being part of the Church has given me many satisfactions and tools that utilize daily with each one I minister….”

Rev. Deborah Marie Vaccaro, New Rochelle , NY 12-05-2011

“…I fell into denial about being responsible for what I have created. I know that I have created my reality. I believe that the reiki attunement brought so much to the surface and I became overwhelmed and gave up. I realized over time that being in denial never helped. As each year went by, my life became more difficult and I became angry and fearful. That, in itself, attracted more scenarios to feel even more angry and fearful. In February, I realized that I have created it all and the only way that my external world can change is if I changed my internal world. One evening, I was sitting outside and found myself in a negative whirlwind. All of the sudden, I saw a cobalt blue cloud of light in front of me. (Archangel Michael) It disappeared and I realized that was a sign for me. I spent mornings and evenings praying for clarity and guidance and asked to be placed on the path that was appropriate for me, my healing and ministry….”

Rev. Carol Horner Owens, Niskayuna , NY 12-02-11

“…I make a point of walking in nature almost every day. I also continue to make art that has taken the from of sumi-e painting. This has a meditating and calming effect. Of course, I still do two periods of Transcendental Meditation daily as I have for thirty-three plus years. Since I’m more realistic now about how much I can do effectively I feel there is better quality in the provided care and in my life overall. With planetary changes and the appearance of the needs being so great it’s easy to rush around and feel overwhelmed. Now I try to slow down, rest and be mindful of appropriate action….”

Rev. Nancy J. Manary-Oberle, Westminster, CO 11-20-11

“…I do have something special to share with you. As you may recall, last year my husband faced a serious illness that required extensive treatment. While he was undergoing his treatment, he was inspired to compose a prayer for healing is that we shared with others who were undergoing treatment with him. This is his prayer. Please feel free to share it with those in need.

A Prayer For Healing – Father, let your healing light shine upon me, that I may be will in body and Spirit. Let your Grace be upon those who care for me, as this is also their time of need. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen. ”

Rev. Lynn McGonagill, Sarasota , FL 12-18-11

“…As all facets of life contain everything we need in order to grow, teaching also contains all I need. It highlights my weaknesses and areas of resistance. I am very grateful for the clarity and the motivation that provides in my personal path. My current personal growth foci are all included in a particular process I go through with my guides, once or twice a week. While the process is stable, the items contained in the process shifts over time as my needs shift. One example is the request: “Help me to take the courageous step and move forward”. I continue to use this process as well as another series of meditative practices that lead toward a more resilient energy body. I have been told they can result in an incorruptible energy body; one that is a constant presence of light in the world. Whether or not I achieve that in this lifetime is irrelevant; it is the process that matters. That is enough. I am grateful. “Another year older, a new one just begun” – John Lennon”

Celebrating You, Giving Recognition and Thanks, Service Within This Holy Season

Within And Through The Office Of The Christ!

In Oneness of Service,

Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI, Ministerial Unit/TE-TA-MA, Co President/COTC

COTC National Council

P.O. Box 157, Ashland, Oregon 97520

COTC National Office – (541) 776-9191