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COTC Seminars™

Certified & Authorized Expressions of Church of The Creator®  Facilitated by: COTC Certified Seminar Facilitators.

Presentations vary in length to compliment the circumstances of those hosting, facilitating and participating. Experiential Collective Participation, recommended for all Ministers, Candidates for Ordination, invited guests, or anyone interested in experiencing the Principles & Practices of Church Of The Creator®. To schedule and/or host a COTC Seminar™  Contact COTC.

Certified Facilitators of COTC Seminars™

Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI, Ministerial Unit, Members of Governing Council Body, Board Of Directors, Officers of TE-TA-MA and COTC National Council. Unified in Life and Service, living within the GRIDS of Consciousness Unification.

GRIDS Accord Seminar™

CONSCIOUSNESS GRIDS….the network of Light Energy created and maintained, facilitated by specific consciousness focus;

these grids are functional co-creative energies for the manifestation of Divine Truth on Earth, unifying the inner wisdom planes with this plane of reality.”  Quote from Glossary Of Terms, GRIDS Of Consciousness Unification,  ©  1984 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family Of URI, Inc.

Concise methods, tools for Divinely Inspired conscious service as a unified body. The concepts published come to life through GRIDS Accord Seminar.™ Participants will experience Alignments, multi-dimensional connections with our Heavenly Counterparts that Amplify the Focus, Efforts, Results of embodied participants.

These are new configurations of unified function, unique according to participants from prior experience of “group work”.

Generally when working in a group, individuals calling the meeting have intent to move their own agenda forward. In practicing the techniques of GRIDS Accord Seminar,™ each participant agrees to set aside all preconceived ideas to seek collective guidance through Alignments to Divine WillThe intent is to move forward the Agenda of our Heavenly Parent, Heavenly Counterparts, what is most important within and through Office Of The Christ.

Interference patternings that hinder our day to day ability to live our heart’s desire can be buffered through the unity of those participating in all dimensions. Accord and agreement can be experienced, what actions to take, next steps, become self-evident.

Participants will experience group function as a collective union of like heart and mind. Each individual knowing, that guidance received and actions taken are adjusted through Decree of Divine Right Order.®

Participation yields a profound harmonious experience. Moving from the old example of majority rule to the new example of unanimous accord, so beautifully demonstrated on all levels of the Church.

This Living exemplification is an evolutionary expression of LIFE, for the Collective Human Tapestry, Universal Family – in Alignment with the Greater Picture, Divine Plan, thus…Heaven on Earth made Manifest!

Experiential Demonstration of GROUP  –   God Represents Our Unified Parts

COTC Path Seminar™

Expand understanding of Church Of The Creator®. –  Tenents of living the COTC Path.

As a Member of COTC, in preparation, a Candidate for Ordination, or within the Ministerial Office, COTC Associate Minister. This in-depth Collective Merkabah yields understanding of Divine Commission, Sacred Covenant & Pact, COTC History, Inheritance as Ministers, Priesthood of Melchizedek, broadcasting a vibrational frequency of Divine Light, as a Beacon Calling All God’s Children Home!

“This instrument of unification, therefore, is the avenue of example, bringing together as a functioning organization those individuals choosing and recognizing through Spiritual Guidance that they are to worship and serve collectively as a Spiritual/Physical Family. It is a guideline of common understanding and agreement, uniting the parts to form the whole.” Ecclesia Magna Charta, Article II – Proclamation. © 1984

Collective Alignments, Collective Prayer, amplify Infusions to the Soul Consciousness, establish understanding, Significance of:

  • What does it mean to be Ordained Associate Minister of COTC?
  • What does it mean to be Ordained within the Priesthood of Melchizedek under the auspices of Church of the Creator®?
  • Sacred Mandate
  • Ecclesia Magna Charta
  • Consecration & Dispensation
  • Dove-Star Seal, License & Use of Registered Trademarks
  • Associate Minister Credential
  • Structure of Foundation & Church
  • Decree of Divine Right Order®
  • Sacred Science Of Holy Harmonics™
  • “How to Align, ask for guidance, use of God Essence, effort & focus that yeild amplifed results, Highest & Greatest Good for the Whole Of Creation…”
  • Serving Within and Through The Office Of The Christ
  • Baptism, Marriage, and Transition Ceremonies
  • COTC Circles Of Light™

COTC Seminars™  Tailored in length, from half day to multiple day events.

Priesthood Of Melchizedek Seminar™

Exploration of the Order, Brotherhood, Priesthood of Melchizedek.

Relationships with the Orders of Michael, Enoch, and Metatron.

Experiential Alignments, consciousness attunements within and through the Office Of The Christ, relative the Orders Of Whole Light Beings, use of The Sacred Names of God, bringing clarity and understanding from Heaven to Earth, Cosmic Christ Consciousness.

The significance of the Order of Melchizedek affirmed as it relates to our Beloved Brother Jesus within his Ministry. Hebrews 6:17-20:

“Therefore, because God wanted more abundantly to show to the heirs of promise that his agreement was unchangeable, he sealed it by an oath. Thus, by the promise and by the oath, both of which are unchangeable, and in neither of which could God lie, we find courage to hold fast to the hope that has been promised by him in whom we have taken refuge. That promise is like an anchor to us; it upholds the soul so that it may not be shaken, and it penetrates beyond the veil of the temple; Therein Jesus has previously entered into the temple for our sakes, and become the High Priest for ever after the Order of Melchizedek.” Hebrews quote is from: The Holy Bible From Ancient Eastern Manuscripts by George M. Lamsa: © 1957 by A. J. Holman Co.

The Priesthood of Melchizedek is the Collective individual human beings Commissioned, Witnessed, Anointed representatives the Order and Brotherhood of Melchizedek. Individuals consciously dedicating their physical embodiments to the God expression in form, fulfilling their Divine Commission on a conscious level, bringing forth by example Love, Light and Peace. They are “Sons of Truth” to Humanity to “bring forth into manifest state the Sacred Sciences of the Holy Spirit Shekinah. And in proclaiming these truths shall Herald, Affirm, Teach and Sanctify in preparation and celebration of that which is descending unto and through the Redemptive Vehicle of the Bestowal Son Jesus and the Office Of The Christ.” Quote from the Certificate Of Ordination, COTC Associate Minister © 1984.