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Ways to Participate

Participation: “action of taking part..”

Church Of The Creator® has multiple ways for you to participate’

Set up a “User Account” – Login  for additional content, email communications, event announcements.

Follow/Share on Facebook Pages “Church Of The Creator®” or “COTC Melchizedek Community Of Light


Use PayPal Giving Fund. Make Contributions, Volunteer to Write Grant Applications, Host Fund Generating Events. Individual action of free-will choice, without any other requirement, delivering energy flow to support the financial expenditures, programs of the Church.

Financial or other Asset Contributions.

COTC Publications

Contribute Articles relative COTC, Post Links on your personal or other Sites to  Site Administration – Graphics – Social Media Interface. Post to other networking sites, COTC Articles relative Mission, Service, “Support to the Family Unification of Mankind.” Individual contribution of time, inspiration, knowledge, skills. Volunteer, Requires review, scope of service agreement with EPC – Electronic Publishing Coordinator. Volunteer, share inspiration, skill resume submission to COTC National Office.

Associate Minister – COTC AM

Requires demonstration of preparation, Soul Commission. Application to COTC, Witness by a COTC Ordinating Minister. Professional License, Ministerial Credentials issued. Requires Annual Ministerial Activity Reports, Annual Credentials Renewal Fee.

Ordinating Minister – COTC OM

Requires demonstration of knowledge, understanding of the History, structure, relationships, Principles & Practices of the Church. Application, Melchizedek Triune Witness. Initial Term of One Year, Term of Ministerial Office review by the OMC. Ministerial Certificate issued.

Member – OMC – COTC Ordinating Minister Council

Requires Active Credential, Ordinating Minister. Application, Witness, Administered by OMC.  Authority & Responsibility of Administering Credentials of COTC Ordained Ministers.

Host – COTC Seminars™

Requires Scheduling, communication with COTC ARC, anchoring through Collective Alignments, additional details, time, date and place. Contact COTC National Office.

Facilitator – COTC Seminars™

Requires demonstration of proficiency in facilitating Collective Prayers, Alignments. Requires knowledge of Structure of Church Of The Creator,® TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc. and the relationship within the Office Of The Christ. Requires prior participation in COTC/TE-TA-MA Collective Events. Requires Active Ministerial Credentials. Application to and witness by ARC.

Facilitator – COTC Circles Of Light™

Requires proficient demonstration of Principles & Practices of the Church, Active Credentials. Application by minimum of 3 Ordained Ministers of the Church. Ongoing Program of Fellowship, Community outreach.

Member – ARC – COTC Accord Resolution Council

Requires demonstration of proficiency in use of the Principles & Practices of the Church, Active Credentials. Application, Witness by ARC. Annual Term of office review. Administers Church Expressions, interface with the public, such as COTC Seminars™

Member – COTC National Committee

Requires application, witness by Committee, Term of review by Committee, Active Members, Ministers of the Church to facilitate and administer specific programs. Committees are established in relationship to need, may be standing or of fixed length relative a specific program. Volunteer through communication to COTC National Office.

Volunteer – COTC National Staff

Volunteer, share promptings of the heart, administration skills resume,  communication and co-ordination with COTC NC Officers.

Member – NC  – COTC National Council

Requires Active Ministerial Credentials, Application, Witness by TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation Governing Council Body. Two year initial term and review by COTC National Council. Minimum of Quarterly Meetings. Requires knowledge and understanding of the Principles & Practices, History, Structure, Functioning Body of the Church.

Volunteer, Apply for Positions of Service:  COTC National Office, Via email, COTC Contact Form, COTC P.O. Box 157, Ashland OR, 97520 541-776-9191.


“If each one is not working for the Whole, then automatically, as a matter of Divine Law, they are working against the Whole. This principle applies on all levels of functioning groups. At home, at work and play.” GRIDS of Consciousness Unification, Chapter II, Responsibility, © 1984 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Service Within – Divine Principle, Divine Law, The Promise

“Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:18-19“

It is worth noting that the above quote was delivered relative a question posed by individuals already choosing Collective “Service Within” as disciples. Individuals already departed from the individual growth experience, entering a Collective Vehicle, focused Mission, intent, effort, within and through the Office Of The Christ. His closest “Associates.”

His Promise, The Promise of the Office Of The Christ, Amplification of individual effort through Collective Service within the “…Functioning Body of The Church.”1  Amplified results, far greater than the same effort applied on personal basis. Review the energy flow, balance of giving and receiving. Individual thought, word and deed, co-create, through application of individual God Essence Energy the Collective Creation of the Human Expression, as a Whole.

Love requires Balance of Giving & Receiving

Church Of The Creator® Support toHumanity, Members, Associate Minister

  • Anchored, Aligned within Trinitized Programs of Divine Law, The Divine Plan
  • Establishing and maintaining Legal Standing within man’s law of COTC Structure, Plan, Mission
  • Recognition and inclusion of All Thinking-Thought Beings in form
  • Spiritual Equality of All Human Beings
  • Spiritual/Legal Equality of Mother, Daughter, Sister, Mate
  • Co-Creative Equality with Father, Son, Brother, Mate
  • Professional License, Ordained Ministers, Legal Protection, Unique Expressions of Ministry
  • Beholdance unconditionally of unique Personal Expression & Ministry of all Credentialed Associates
  • Maintaining, Collective Vehicles of Events/Conferences, COTC Circles Of Light™ COTC Auxiliary Churches
  • Anchoring & Maintaining  GRIDS of Consciousness Unification Structure Within and Through The Office Of The Christ

Individual Support to – Within the Functioning Bodyof Church Of The Creator®

  • Claim of Membership – “Joining In Principle and Witness”
  • Manifesting the Priesthood of Melchizedek – Ordination through Preparation and Witness
  • Associate Minister Annual Reports and Annual Credential Renewal Fee
  • Volunteer Service Within the Functioning Body of The Church
  • Positions of Service Contributions of financial asset

Pray, Align, Ask – “AM I to Volunteer, Participate Within COTC Positions of Service, What is Highest and Best for the Whole of Creation?”

Act, follow promptings of the Heart”

1. “Functioning Body of the Church” – ”  Articles of Faith & Constitution, Article VII © 1977 TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc.

“The Functioning Body of TE-TA-MA is composed of and defined to be all those within the organized structure of TE-TA-MA, be they Employees, Agents, Ministers, Pastors, Officers, Directors or any and all others jointly or individually who are responsible to and responsible for the expression of TE-TA-MA.”