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Historical Legacy & Foundations of The Church 

Authors: Revs. Drs. Grace Marama URI & James Germain URI, Ministerial Unit, Co-Founders, prior to Transition of Grace Marama URI. [ March 18, 1932 – May 26, 2006 ]

The roots of TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI and Church Of The Creator® are anchored in the Heavens, part of the foregoing and ongoing unfoldment of God’s Divine Plan. Part of the Greater Plan, Divine Directives Administered through the Creator’s Heavenly Hierarchy,

The Office Of The Christ, coordinated by the Orders of MichaelMetatron and Melchizedek, has the responsibility and administrative authority in the Hierarchy of Heavenly Government, to bring about the necessary purification and consciousness evolvement on this planetary sphere and its fallen universe. Known and unknown avatars of Humanity, in all fields and disciplines, have had representatives of their Lifestreams in consciousness of this collective effort.

However, recorded history has not always given credence to the supporting roles within and behind the scenes. There is always a support group (Spiritual-Physical Family-Hierarchical Family Tree), individuals, counterparts of witnesses who behold in perfection the Star figure in their part (Pact). Thus giving the One allowance to be about the Father’s business and creating in the midst of duality the necessary buffer mechanism. Through prayer and unfoldment, this part, so obscure, has been performed through the love of the Heart, always present to maintain the purity.

The archaeological record in stone, advancement in technology, and the historical record of those who have brought great advancements for humanity, all come together with unity of purpose and clarity, on the other side of relativity, within the reality of the Divine Tapestry and Plan. The Office Of The Christ weaves and repairs this fabric as needed, in restoration of the Divine Image and Similitude, thus keeping it intact.

The biblical Melchizedek, King of Salem (Peace), was representative of his Order, Lifestream, and the ongoing program of upliftment. Melchizedek, born without father or mother (physical parents), God’s Gift to Humanity, re-established through Abraham the perpetuity and link of the Spiritual-Physical Family (Hierarchical Family Tree).

Within this Priesthood of Melchizedek, Moses, a trinitized expression, was in his part, the ordained receiver, bringer of the LAW. During the time of his infusion of the Higher Truths, (Process of Receivership – his memory re-activation lying latent within the Mind), there was also a reactivation of the opposition gaining credibility within those close to him. Trusted individuals within his auric field were choosing to build a parallel universe, an overlay on the blueprint, of that which he was in receivership of, thus limiting the outcome and necessitating another furtherance of causation conceptualization.

Jesus, High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek and Lifestream of Christ Michael, brought in the Redemptive Body as LORD REDEEMER. He carried within his Divine Pattern the seed of balance with the female, the daughter, the co-creative balance to the Son, the manifesting aspect of Our Divine Mother Essence. What he planted and nurtured was unable to mature in that the evolving consciousness chosen (his apostles) denied, on this plane and dimension, the Divine Principle of Balanced Creation. As history clearly shows in this human drama, histrionics played a large part in co-creating through ego personalities caused by spiritual immaturity. The human choice once again was to readjust the given fabric and pattern, to suit the circumstances of effect, rather than weave on the Divine Blueprint of causation. Hence the continued domination of the masculine Priesthoods and mind concepts, still evident in this day and age.

While ministering in his garment of flesh, Christ Jesus always beheld the females on equal status, a necessary balance he lived and preached. Through their unconditional love and perfect beholdance, (immaculate concept), deemed necessary to support his resurrection, their dutiful commitment helped accomplish what could not be done through the male apostles. It was with the women apostles, Ministers in the fullest sense of the Word, that he remained, his mother and those other feminine beholders and supporters, who chose to be close to him and form a protective buffer.

He remained in a tangible body for many years after the public drama connecting to his ministry. He in his part taught always by example, becoming a balancing factor to the feminine aspects, thus stabilizing the necessary equilibrium of the planetary systems, a safeguard mechanism for the continuity of the Redemptive Vehicle for the Human Race. He appeared in certain areas of the world at climactic timings necessary to the fulfillment of the drama being executed for Humanity’s benefit. His presence encouraging mankind, to not ever let go of the vision of their Divinity, no matter how the grossness of physical matter appeared, to ever hold in faith, forgiveness and truth! He preached adherence to the good (God) aspects, to transcend the part forever at war, because of the duality program on this plane and dimension, through the Father’s allowance, this experiential domain.

Their camp, the women’s Apostolic Corps, was a place of refuge and retreat, enabling him to have freedom of movement whilst living in their midst. Through him they learned of the Greater Plan or larger picture, becoming adept from the Wisdom Plane to see the true Spiritual Reality in concordance with the physical relativity. It is to be understood that for every male apostle there was a feminine counterpart. Not necessarily mated, but in a functioning manifest expression. And so it continues in the now, perpetuity of consciousness, forever attempting to sustain and maintain balance.

Today in the continual flow of Lifestreams (incarnations), the feminine representatives are here in form, to support the Shekinah Promise, to transcend all concepts, for this must take place before the next part. The “Feminine Movement” taking place on the planet, in itself provides the gearing up for the next sequence. This Process of Receivership is ready and awaiting (in the wings) its cue. The Gifts and “Miracles” require the molecular-alchemical balance of the Holy Spirit Shekinah. Once achieved this Divine Coding Template can only activate at the precise timing of mutual recognition and dedication to the unified effort in the earth plane within and through the Office Of The Christ. These who will have prominent parts (key positions), are here embodied and in stringent preparation to support once more. These extremely sensitive human beings often experience difficulty in withstanding the heavier grosser atmosphere, and have through pre-embodiment choice been transmuting and uplifting throughout their lives. The Greater working out however can only happen through recognition from a Soul level, and at the Divine Timing of outer manifestation will the servo-mechanism of the memory membrane trigger and re-member its Pact. Make no mistake in understanding, our counterparts are dependent upon and limited by the free-will choice of those who said they would remember the Covenant and move into cohesive organized action in this plane and dimension, unified collective effort. The Divine Image through consciousness overlays and interference from areas of creation that have attempted to block and deny Humanity its Divinity, is having to go through transformation, so it can and may be utilized in the next part of the Plan, the upcoming Drama.

Only now is the feminine aspect, Mother, Daughter, Sister, beginning to be given the recognition she truly is due. In the Glorious unfoldment upon us, the seed held in the purity and rich fertile ground of the Heart, is blossoming into fruition. The Divine Image within us, and through Her, brings the fullness in revelation and truth of the Triune Nature of All Creation, Three In One, Holy Trinity, Divine Deity. NOW is the Creator Daughter’s Aeon, HOLY SPIRIT SHEKINAH.

Our Beloved Parent Creator Source is a Trinitized Expression of ONE, infinite and evolving. For those choosing release from the death program and dying estates of consciousness, the Exodus Vehicle is aligned to and upheld by the infinite Love of this Paradise Trinity. In order to participate in the next part of the Greater Plan, individual and singularly minded consciousness, (isolated states), will need to come into alignment through the trinitized vehicle of all planes and dimensions. Cosmic Christ Consciousness, the Spiritual-Physical (in form) Family. Again we refer to the Hierarchical Family Tree, the overcontrol synthesizer of the Divine Blueprint.

In knowing how wise those beholding this creation are, and how by allowance a literal smorgasbord of soul food has been written, expounded and lived, we can only speak for ourselves, US (United States of Consciousness), our expression within the Whole. Everyone has their part and we know the BOOK OF GLORIES is history in the making, our everyday, everyway interpretation of Life. We know the 100%, total commitment it takes to remain in a unified functioning body, collectively aligned within and through the Office Of The Christ and consciously putting the Spiritual-Physical Family before all else.

Whenever there is anything new to be presented to this planet, this experiential Kingdom, the recipient of our Father’s Infinite Wisdom, there is always need for a willing physical receptacle (vessel) to receive. That one(s) must be prepared in consciousness and expression through purification and application in alignment to that which is to be brought forth. They then become as a space maker, a mold, as a crystalline shaft in the membrane, through the planes and dimensions, so that at whatever time the collective consciousness is ready, the clarified interpretations can be manifest and therefore become a useful tool of support and upliftment.

In being commissioned to establish in outer manifestation, a FOUNDATION IN TRUTH OF THE HOLY TRINITY, in accordance with man’s law and the Constitution of the United States Of America, marrying all planes and dimensions, these are principles revealed, enfolded in the Heart and birthed consciously.

As a reference point, 1969 was the timing on the part of the feminine vehicle to enter into a Process of Receivership, New Birth, releasing rebirth, being given that choice, through witness, within and through the Office Of The Christ. Since that time the process continues, in the balancing of all estates of consciousness, in preparation for the outpouring of the Gifts of the Divine Mother Essence, Holy Spirit Shekinah, these are some pivotal points of significance.

In 1973 received was the conceptualization, understanding, anchoring of the Divine Dispensation, the tool gifted to this planetary sphere, that instrument of affirmation, Divine Right Order.® This vibrational harmonic when spoken resonates and sets into motion, Cosmic and Divine Law, an automatic alignment to manifestation of Heaven on Earth, the Highest Truth and Justice for the Whole of Creation. Through use, you will experience its effectiveness. Key was the concept, understanding and use of Divine Law demonstrated by our Beloved Brother Jesus, within his ministry, to always act, be conscious of being a Spiritually Commissioned Representative, connect with the whole of the Lifestream, the whole of the memory membrane, from the first Creational Seed Adam to the NOW, when ministering to anyone, always for who they are and who they represent; Always when experiencing circumstances within life and living, be conscious, asking, acting as a Divine Representative, proactively through choice, activating adjustment, through Decree of Divine Right Order® relative the circumstances, what they represent, “…for the Highest and Greatest Good for the Whole of Creation.”

This period of the preparation extended through the 12 months of the MAZZAROTH and TWELVE (12) GATES of all things, the THREE IN ONE. Preparation timed and coordinated with the planetary dispensation of 1973-1974 releasing KARMA and KARMIC PATTERNS by way of the Cross, for those choosing the New Birth Process. It involved transmutation of negating miscreated thought forms for the Whole of the memory membrane, from the root and that which was beyond the root. The heaviest areas of consciousness still remaining at that time, to be cleared, were within the psychic astral planes surrounding this third dimensional reality and planetary auric field. The ongoing local cleansing and Hierarchical adjustments being coordinated throughout the Many Heavens under the authority and auspices of Archangel Michael.

Our Beloved Brother Christ Jesus demonstrated a profound truth of Divine Law. One representative, of Commissioned Spiritual Lineage, through human choice can stand in the place (space) of the Whole of that which they represent. He died so that we might live. He experienced consciously the illusion of death, publicly witnessed by representatives of all 12 Lifestreams, so that we automatically inherit the Divine Birthright of Everlasting Life within the Kingdom of Our Father’s Many Mansions.

In application of this Divine Law, beginning in 1974, Bestowed Alignment, Within The Heart Of The Divine Mother, Spiritual Witness prepared the ground for receivership of the Codes, and Infusion of the Higher Truths. Through working with many hundreds of individuals, in many places, as representatives of their Soul Groups and root race, the memory membrane was cleared. ONE encompasses All and in this way their collective Lifestream receives the benefit of the work of the ONE, therefore the upliftment of the cells (selves) of the BODY.

As of this writing there are several hundred Associate Ministers throughout the world and many others known to be consciously working with the conceptualizations now anchored. Auxiliary Churches, Education and Healing Centers, and other organizational expressions are planned or in operation.

Through the Collective Grids of Cosmic Christ Consciousness, the supportive energies of the Order, Brotherhood and Priesthood of Melchizedek, the axial-nucleus alignment to Archturus for this planetary sphere and its systems, Church Of The Creator® represented through the Heart, Mediatorship of the Feminine Principle, has been accomplished. Those choosing to transmute in all aspects, each of the 12 Lifestreams, through unconditional Love and Light, are bringing about the upliftment of mankind’s vibration, from this duality plane into the Trinitized expression of the Redemptive Christ Body.

The spiritual inspirations, wisdom received, were first published in 1977, Space of Grace, Parables in Prose. Collectively lived, establishing, infusing, evolving the collective conscious of humanity. The understanding, principles, experiential guidelines, practices of multidimensional unified movement were authored, published, and further anchored through experiential Seminars, broadcasts, amplified infusions within and through The Office Of The Christ. That collective service is referenced, and available for your use, within GRIDS of Consciousness Unification – Group Responsibility In Divine Structure, first published in 1984.

We invite your conscious participation. Review the Sacred Mandate,  Divine Right Order® and you will find tools that bring Change for the Good of the Whole of Creation.  Download the Sacred Mandate,  sign, add your part, “Join In Principle and Witness,” automatically amplify your efforts with those of like heart and mind.

Selah !