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COTC Online News April 8, 2012
Regenesis – New Birth – Renewal
Easter 2012

Beloved Colleagues,

Spring is upon us. What does it really mean? What does it symbolize? What are our opportunities? Spring: “to move upward or forward in a single quick motion.”

Spring is a time to reflect on the Ascending Program of the Office of the Christ, the current efforts by those Spiritually commissioned prior to embodiment, consciously and actively living upon the Earth, making choices as human beings through free will, that activate furtherance of the Divine Plan.

Spring, a time of Regenesis – New Birth and Renewal. – A time to draw upon the Infinite Source, the ONE ready and willing upon our request to supply and nurture our resources. Springtime, releasing the old residues from reservoirs near empty, springing into a new vibration, expression, filling the “tank” or consciousness with expanded possibilities, opening up, focusing our effort to manifest new probabilities.

How do we Align thoughts, words, actions to the Divine Plan during this Holy Season? What does it take?

It is a choice, to receive the Spark with the inhale of Divine Breath, the Holy Spirit Shekinah, lingering in the Space of Grace, letting go as we exhale, releasing all thoughts/all things no longer sustaining our service within the Eternal NOW. Eyes, Heart, Soul, Consciousness focused upward and forward, embracing New Birth, New Heavens, New Earth!

Resurrection – “…revival from inactivity and disuse, rising from the dead, return from the dead, restoration to life!”

12 Month Cycle This is what Jesus the Christ was bringing to humanity – A revival, a return from what is dead – to a restoration of Love.

“Church Of The Creator® shall provide the vehicle and vibrational grid to attract those of common understanding, desiring to bring release of Spiritual Relativity, and the Anchoring in of Spiritual Reality and Restoration of the Common (Co-Man) Law, as exemplified through the understanding and pronouncement of our Beloved Brother, Christ Jesus, “Love Ye One Another as I have Loved Ye Also.” Church Of The Creator® shall provide that place within, where each may have the opportunity to express the Perfect Principle of Love – that retribution of such will be the instrument and tool to see manifest Heaven on Earth.” Ecclesia Magna Charta: Article VI Purpose and Function, Section 1.

Spring through Easter, Crucifixion to Resurrection, synchronized movement from the Ascending Program of the Office of the Christ and the Descending Program of the Office of the Christ.

“Let it be known that Our Scripture is Our Life, Our Living History dedicated to bringing forth through The Book Of Glories, the Church and Redemptive Body of The Christos, this living monument dedicated to life over death, through the ascending descending Estates of Consciousness, through the Living Example by experience each unto the other, AMEN. The Great AMEN, the Living Word made Flesh through Our Parent Creator, by The Holy Breath of the SHEKINAH, Our Divine Mother, is manifesting on this Planet and its Systems in allowance and alignment of THE HOLY TRINITY, The Many in One, The One in Many.” Sixth Article, TE-TA-MA Articles of Faith and Constitution. © 1977-2012. All Rights Reserved.

During this 3 month period of the 12 month cycle, Springing forward moving the Ascending Program of the Office of the Christ to Easter, Death to Resurrection, 3 days, within the merged Ascending/Descending Programs of the Office of the Christ, a Merkabah – Vesica Piscis is formed.

The Vesica Piscis, when viewed vertically, becomes a passageway: The Birth Canal. Delivering the Gift, 33° Bestowed. The pointed oval is a universal symbol of the Divine Feminine. It can be seen as the passage between Heaven and Earth through which Jesus Ascends.

The two circles represent a specific stage of the intermarriage of the Higher Self, Christos, and the Lower Self, Magdalene, created as the Higher Self descends and the Lower Self ascends. The descending arc-Christos is crucified on the crossing or descent into the Lower World. The Christos’ counterpart the ascending arc-Magdalene, the Lower Self, is crucified on her ascent into the Upper World. They each pass through the “gate or passage” between Heavenly wisdom “Sophia” and material manifestation. They each die into each other to produce new life, represented in the almond shaped birth canal. We can see this symbology also as the death and transcendence the Lower Selves, as we experience new birth of our Spiritual Higher Self. Traditional Gnostic mythos interprets these initiations or symbology as the descent of the Christos (Spirit or Higher Self) into the underworld to rescue his sister-wife Sophia or the Magdalene (Soul or Lower Self), who has fallen from her original state of undifferentiated perfection with the Father into “whoredom” or sterile bondage to matter. The Christos incarnates into matter through Grace via the initiations of descent to remind the Magdalene of her true nature – Identical to Higher Self or Holy Spirit – which she rediscovers through her Ascent back to the Father, from threshold through transition.

The proportions of the width and length of the Vesica Piscis are 153 to 265, close to the square root of 3 or 1.732, (See Ecclesia Magna Charta, Church of The Creator®, Appendix II, last pictographic). This pictograph symbolizes humanities genetic evolution through the birth of the New JerUSAlem, New Heavens and New Earth and the Death of the Old Program and Resurrection of the Christ Church in its fullness as originally ordained from the Heavens. The number 153 in conjunction with Fish clearly codifies the Vesica Piscis; the story of the risen Christ, the apostles and the miraculous catch of 153 fish. (John 21:4-12) The key is the Risen Christ….the resurrected Church taken from the Sea of Humanity and brought as a bride. Risen self, Risen Church, Risen Planet…. “Heralding the New Heavens and New Earth.”

The Vesica Piscis is a bridge between Heaven and Earth…a Rainbow Bridge. The two circles of the Vesica Piscis represent life and death, with the birth canal – both of the Divine Feminine and the individual – serving as the passage between. The place between: that is the essence and the magic of the symbol. Between life and death, Heaven and Earth, Dreaming and waking, darkness and light, male and female. The place of “Immaculate Conception,” perfect vertical alignment, perfect balance of male and female, creation seed crystals are formed and birthed.

In Mark 1:17 we read, “And Jesus said to them, ‘Follow me and I will make you fishers of men’.” The Risen Christ, Church and Women’s Apostolic Corps/Core, Ordinating Ministers… And this was and is our commission: “All power (authority) has been given to Me in Heaven and on Earth.” And this was and is our commission: “Go ye, therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” This is our service and commission as COTC Ordinating Ministers, Associate Ministers.

We are being called to release “secret disciples”; we are being called to action. Are we afraid to proclaim ourselves as part of the Order, Brotherhood and Priesthood of Melchizedek? Are we afraid of what others may think? We are being called upon to be courageous, step up, “Herald, Affirm, Teach and Sanctify” the principles and teachings of our Beloved Brother Christ Jesus.

We are being propelled into more public ministries, the Harvest, having been given the first fruits of the Holy Spirit to activate our Bodies of Light. I greet you each with a kiss to the forehead, the recognition of our Brotherhood/Sisterhood, – Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai ‘Tsebayoth as the resonance which unites the lower vibratory levels with the higher levels of creation as we manifest the “Collective MessiahShip” being the vehicle whereby the fullness of the trinitized counsel of the Holy Spirit Shekinah reigns.

God’s people have been quickened, anointed, the Collective Messiah working within our bodies of Light as we evolve within the Infinite Way. On the highest level, the Messiah is the marriage between the realm of Divine Sonship with the Office of the Spirit under the direction of the Infinite Spirit, Ruach Ha-Kodesh. Through the joint Counsel of the Christ and the Spirit as the Messiah, there is the Coming of Alpha and Omega, the Age of Miracles.

Be The Risen Christ, Be Who You are, Embrace Your Resurrection in this most Holy Season!!!

In Oneness Of Service,

Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI

Ministerial Unit/TE-TA-MA

CoPresident COTC