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OTC Online News  April 23, 2011

Blessed Easter & Pesach

Happy Earth Day!

Beloved Colleagues,

Transfiguration within our souls and upon Our Beloved Planet Earth is Abundantly Apparent. We have the power to create physicality, within our own lives, and collectively affect events now occurring on the Earth. It is a matter of choice. We can chose to amplify our individual Prayer and Collective Works to protect our world from further damage. Utilizing the combined power of “Alignment within and through the Office of The Christ”, “Highest and Best Use Of Our God Essence Energy, for the Whole of Creation.” Our Collective Consciousness, when Synchronized with the Heavenly Hierarchy, can change the destiny of the planet, NOW, and forever.

Plate tectonics theory postulates when the Earth’s plates move in harmony everything works fine. It’s when the Earth’s plates stops moving in synchronized relationship to each other that earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other disturbances occur along plate boundaries; energy builds up, then releases, forcing disruptive events to the surface, potential tsunamis that rapidly spread far beyond the epicenter. Other Earthquakes in Consciousness, when focused in me, not we, cause disruption in our lives, and the socio-political events now manifesting throughout the world.

The solution is simple, ask the Father, Thy Will be Done, not mine, join with others of like mind and dedication, choose to make the greatest possible difference, unified action!

May we Collectively Pray, Emanate the Sacred Holy Name: UZIYAHU – God is my Strength.

In the ‘Dark Night of the Soul,’ God’s Strength is truly understood. Strength gained, full-heartedly, flowing from Above, from the “One Living God who has placed His Trust in Us.” Strengthen ourselves through Transfiguration of the Heart and Mind. Focus thoughts and desires on the Transpersonal God. Gain strength through our coordinated efforts with the “Armies of Light – Hosts of Deliverance with Jehovah that quickens the faithful”, Adonai ‘Tsebayoth.

May we utilize Principles & Practices of the Church, calling on Michael to cut through space and time to remove all aspects of chaos and confusion, to reinstate the Light. May unified effort, combined strength, bring additional Gifts of the Holy Spirit, working directly with the Angelic Teachers of Light.

Reflections On Easter & Passover – …With you, during this special season, we Reflect and Celebrate with Joyous Hearts, renewed strength, – recognizing the dedicated lives, travelers in time before us, but present within us!…moreè – Shalom!

In Oneness Of Service,

Revs. Drs. Angela Magdalene URI & James Germain URI

Ministerial Unit