Church Of The Creator®    A conscious directive within and through the Office Of The Christ,
a vehicle to bring unification of Christ Expressions into One Collective Assemblage. Amen!



We Recognize This Whole Planet Earth To Be A Living Monument, In The Glory Of The Father, Dedicated By Michael, The Bestowal Christ Son Jesus, To The Divine Mother Essence, The Holy Spirit, By Whose Holy Breath It Is Sustained.


This Church, This Functioning Body Decrees, That As Long As It May Serve This Planet, This Humanity, So Therefore, Are We Prepared To Be The Instruments In Which To Serve The One Living God, Who Has Placed A Trust, In Us.

So Be It and So It Is

Consecration & Dispensation  - Opening and Closing Statements, -  Ecclesia Magna Charta - Organizational Document of the Church. © 1977-2014

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